Mourinho reveals Alexis is not suitable for English football

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Roma’s Portuguese manager Jose Mourinho has revealed that Alexis Sanchez is not suitable for English football at all, making his performances at Manchester United still unsatisfactory before returning to his good form. Came at Inter Milan

Alexis Sanchez had an outstanding performance at Barcelona. It had a lot of success before deciding to move to Arsenal. It seems that Alexis Sanche United. He will continue to perform satisfactorily despite falling standards. But a major turning point came when Alexis Sanchez decided to switch between Henrikh Mkhitaryan to Manchester United. Because Lexis Sanchez has never regained his good form.

Although he was given the opportunity to enter the field continuously. But Alexis Sanchez still did not work very satisfactory. In the end had to sit down as a substitute only. Plus the news about the transfer of the team continued. Because before it was Inter Milan decided to pull Alexis Sanchez to join the ทางเข้า UFABET team. On loan before joining the team with a permanent contract immediately. After doing a great job and Jose Mourin Jose understands why Alexis Sanchez failed to succeed at Manchester United

Alexis Sanchez couldn’t get his good form back at Manchester United. Unlike when he was at Inter Milan, because it seems that Alexis Sanchez has. Happiness every time I go on the field. Which it is clear that English football is not suitable for Alexis Sanchez at all. S will be with Inter Milan very high with great performance on the field.