Chelsea are set to bring De Jong to the team.

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Chelsea are in talks with Barcelona to bring Barcelona‘s Dutch midfielder Frenkie de Jong to the team, although he is still a key player for Barcelona, ​​but his performance on the pitch has been unsatisfactory. how much

The performance on the field has been excellent, so many teams are hoping to bring Frankie de Jong to the team to strengthen their midfield. Before being Barcelona, ​​which has done everything since the transfer market is not open and signing Frankie de Jong to join the team in advance with the expectation that he will step up the midfield and Barcelona have to agree Spend up to 72 million pounds to bring Frankie de Jong to join the team as well.

Of course, Frankie de Jong can step up to become the main character of Barcelona immediately. But unfortunately the performance on the field is not very satisfying. Much lower than the original standard with Frankie de Jong staying with. Barcelona is the third season and has had the opportunity to play up to 117 games. But only recently scored 10 goals and provided 14 assists. The more Barcelona are facing financial problems like this. So they have to let go. Excess players left the UFABET team, which Frankie de Jong seems to be one of them.

And most recently, it’s Chelsea who are looking for Frankie de Jong to join the team to strengthen the midfield even though there are many players to choose from. Plus, Chelsea has negotiations with Barcelona. But Barcelona only want 50 million pounds. Making the two sides now in the process of negotiating. That Frankie de Jong’s fee will be around 41 million pounds.