Marsh reveals the goal is still clear, despite being heavily criticized

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Leeds United manager Jesse Marsh is not at all worried about the incoming criticism and the goal remains clear: to help Leeds United stay in the English Premier League.

Although Leeds United are yet to drop into the relegation zone. They are now the fourth favorites to be relegated with a very disappointing performance. As they have not been able to win several games in a row. And also misses to lose very often. It like the latest match against Aston Villa. It just lost a losing streak. Making Leeds United’s situation very risky to go into the relegation area if still unable to get form. Keng can come back.

With Leeds United still 16th in the table with just two points clear of teams in the relegation area. But playing more than one game. Leeds United have the opportunity to fall into the relegation area immediately. If Burnley and Everton secured all residual victories. Jesse Marsh was immediately a target of criticism with a very disappointing performance in recent times. But it was Jesse Marsh who insisted No worries at all.

I understand the frustration of all the supporters who have continued to come out with a very disappointing performance at Leeds United. But we still have very clear targets, especially me, to help Leeds United survive. From the relegation and personally I’m not worried about the criticism that comes in and I personally believe that everything will go well in just time UFABET.