Rodrigo was delighted to work with Bielsa.

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Leeds United paid up to £26m for Valencia’s Rodrigo Moreno last season. Despite his impressive performance. But not good enough. To squeeze in as a mainstay anyway. Patrick Bamford has done a great job with consistently scoring goals for Leeds United. Rodrigo Moreno needs to. Move immediately for more playing opportunities in the 2021/22 season. Although on-field performance may not be satisfactory.

By Rodrigo Moreno has made eight appearances for Leeds United but has not scored a single goal and has not been involved in the goal as well, which Rodrigo Moreno has no problem. With personal work and also very happy to have the opportunity to play continuously, even if I have to move to play in another position, Rodrigo Moreno said in an interview: “To be honest, it’s not new for me. So a little bit of rocking to play other positions, and personally, I’ve played in many positions as well.”

“Marcelo Bielsa wanted me to change the position of play and it wasn’t just me that had to change because there were a lot of people who had to change positions as well because our squad didn’t have it. With that much to choose from, rotation of playing positions is important and I’m very happy to be able to help the team fully. Watford narrowly went 1-0.