Gabriel admits he was right about moving to Arsenal

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A brilliant performance at Lille. Gabriel Magalles has attracted the attention of many of the top teams in Europe. Especially the English Premier League teams Arsenal and Manchester City. Lester United are having defensive problems. They are of course making an offer for Lille to consider immediately. Although Manchester United will do everything faster. But in the end it was Arsenal. Nal brought Gabriel Magalles to the team for a fee of 22 million pounds.

Of course, with a very good performance. Gabriel Magalles can step up to be the main character of Arsenal. Immediately to the performance of Arsenal is still not satisfactory. How much by finishing only 8th in the table and missing a ticket to the European Cup for the first time in 25 years, Gabriel Magalles admits that he was right to move to Arsenal, although Will get the attention of Manchester United in the earlier period by Gabriel Magalles said in an interview.

“Personally, I hope to come and play in the English Premier League, which everyone knows that Arsenal is one of the top teams and Manchester United is interested in me as well, but personally. I only wanted to move to Arsenal and the fans were constantly texting me and it was a huge part of my decision that my move to Arsenal was. Makes me very happy and I hope to help Arsenal succeed.