Manchester City complain to Liverpool after fans spit on staff

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Manchester City petition Liverpool In the case of a local fan spitting on Pep Guardiola’s staff during the 2-2 draw last night.

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Manchester City have made a complaint to Liverpool asking the offending fans to be punished. After Pep Guardiola’s staff were spit on In the game they were tied 2-2 at Anfield.

In the big Premier League game last night between Liverpool Open field Anfield Manchester City. There was an incident that was talked about a lot when Pep Guardiola expressed dissatisfaction. The decision of Paul Tierney until himself. Received a yellow card in the moment that James Milner played as a necessary right-back for the Reds in this game. Intercepted Bernardo Silva until he fell to the ground. Which Milner had a yellow card on. Already But the referee decided not to give a second yellow card to kick him out. At that time, the game was still tied at 1-1. Before a few minutes later, Mohamed Zahla soloed to take the lead 2-1.

While Pep Guardiola was fiercely protesting against the fourth referee when he thought James Milner should have received a second yellow card. One of his coaching staff was spitted at a Liverpool fan, which Pep said he was unaware of the incident. but was notified later The club therefore made a complaint to Liverpool.

“They (staff) just came to tell me, but I didn’t see that happening. I’m pretty sure Liverpool FC will punish the person who does this This is very appropriate behavior.”

However, Liverpool are investigating the incident by checking CCTV footage for the perpetrators of the fans to be punished.