If it’s a city, it’s already hit! Pep: Milner must receive second yellow

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Pep Guardiola has revealed. He was surprised by Liverpool’s James Milner. Did not receive the second remaining card At the time of the hard tackle Bernardo Silva.

Blue sailboat coach. He criticized referee. Paul Tierney for refusing to offer a second card for James Milner for a foul on Bernardo Silva.

The blue sails always invaded the Reds 2-2 in a very fun way. The game opened for 90 minutes. Taking turns to attack. It’s a very high quality game. But this Spanish coach In the 74th minute. Liverpool’s essential right-back. James Milner, fouled Bernardo Silva on the grass by referee Paul Tierney. Hand to take a second yellow card to chase Milner out, he is just a foul. with a warning

The incident left Pep Guardiola very upset, as he lashed out at the fourth referee, Mike Dean, before Mohamed Zahla scored a goal a few minutes later. Leading Liverpool 2-1 in the 76th minute with a yellow card given to Pep Guardiola to calm down.

Manchester City manager Speaking to Sky Sport after the game: “It was a yellow card. It was the second yellow card, it was clear.”

“But here is Anfield. Here at Old Trafford, in the same situation, if it happens to us, City players will be sent off, it’s very clear, it’s a second yellow card. ufabet