5 foods women should avoid The risk for the sister to smell

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Did you know that food can contribute to the smell of sisters as well? Of course, for women, the sister’s smell is a big issue that should not be ignored. Today, we have compiled 5 types of foods that should be avoided. If you don’t want your sister to smell bad, let’s tell each other. Let’s see what kind of food there will be.

5 foods women should avoid The risk for the sister to smell

1. Fermented food
Fermented foods are a favorite of many women , but did you know that fermented foods have a strong odor? It is also the food that affects the smell of the sister as well. So if girls I don’t want my sister to smell bad. Recommended to reduce eating fermented foods to help. It also has a positive effect on physical health as well.

2. Foods that cause acid and alkaline balance.
Many young people may be confused. What are the foods that cause the acid and alkaline to be out of balance? The food that causes the acid and alkali to lose balance. As a result, the body is easily infected. It also causes germs and dirt. Entering sisters more easily as well These foods include onions, asparagus, broccoli, dairy, and red meat.

3. alcoholic beverages,
alcoholic beverages Considered as a drink that can cause the sister to have a bad smell as well. So who likes to drink alcohol? You should always notice the smell of your sister as well. If it smells bad Recommended to reduce drinking less. Or if you can refrain from it, it’s even better for your physical health. Because alcohol not only makes the vagina smell bad but also toxic to various organs within the body as well

4. Foods with a pungent smell
As for foods with pungent or strong flavors, such as garlic, strong-smelling vegetables, fermented fish, curries, pickled crabs, and foods that use heavy spices. Which all these foods result in the sister smelling no different from eating fermented food that has it all for young people who like to eat this type of food. Recommended to reduce eating less. In order not to affect the smell of the sister itself.

5. Sugar.
If you want to abstain from sugary foods. Let me tell you that this is a very difficult thing for girls to do because sugary foods are a favorite of girls. almost everyone ever But did you know that this type of food is the main cause of the sister’s smell? Because of the body getting too much sugar It will increase the chances of yeast infection in the vagina, even more if any girl already has hyperglycemia. or it could be diabetes The more you have to be careful in eating this type of food a lot ทางเข้า ufabet https://ufabet999.com.

It can be seen that the food contributed to the smell of the sister. These are the foods that we eat on a regular basis. It may also be a favorite of the girls. Many people have said that. However, do not forget to reduce the amount or avoid eating these 5 types of food as well. To prevent the sister has a bad smell.