5 ways to keep the hidden spots clean Effectively reduces irritation.

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skin in the hidden area Considered as an area where girls must pay special attention and must be cleaned properly To prevent the skin in that area from irritation itself. so for girls who often encounter skin problems in the intimate area caused irritation from regular cleaning Today, we would like to share 5 ways to take care of hidden spots that help reduce irritation. Let’s follow ทางเข้า ufabet.

5 ways to keep the hidden spots clean Effectively reduces irritation.

1. Clean with products specifically for hidden spots.
First, girls Must buy products for intimate areas to use in cleaning. Because this type of product is specifically designed to suit the skin of the intimate area. and do not recommend the use of other products or soaps Because there is too much acid or alkali and may disrupt the balance in the intimate area until it causes irritation.

2. Wipe the intimate area dry every time.
After cleaning the skin in the intimate area It is essential that girls The surface must be wiped dry every time. to prevent dampness Dampness is the main cause of mold and subsequent irritation. but should be wiped gently and wipe from front to back Do not wipe from the back to the front. Or wipe it like rubbing, rubbing. because it can cause infection

3. Do not scratch
when itching in the intimate area. Do not scratch girls at all because scratching will make the itching worse and cause inflammation. Sometimes it may even cause more severe symptoms than before, too. In addition, if itching is recommended to avoid using sanitary napkins, soaps and other items. that touches the hidden area with perfume ingredients Because these ingredients will make the itching worse than before.

4. Change your underwear every day.
change of underwear especially underpants. It is essential that girls Must keep changing every day. Don’t wear the same one for several days in a row. And if it’s good for the skin in the intimate area, you should change your underwear 2-3 times a day or after every shower. Due to wearing the same underwear for several hours in a row. There is a chance of itching and irritation. In addition, the underwear you wear should choose a fabric that is well ventilated. It will help reduce stuffiness.

5. Use products that reduce irritation.
Products that help reduce irritation are important items to take care of the skin in the intimate area to be clean and reduce irritation. Women can choose to use drugs or products that reduce irritation along with cleansing. Clean in different ways Because these products will help eliminate bacteria and fungi that cause itching and irritation very well.

When girls have itching or irritation in the intimate area It is advised not to leave it until it worsens the symptoms. But should hurry to take care of the skin in that area properly. or if symptoms worsen Suggest that you should hurry to see a doctor to get the right treatment.