Laporta confirms Koeman will stay in position

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After parting with Quique Setien a disappointing performance and Barcelona still unable to win a single trophy. Barcelona had to bring in Ronald Koeman as manager. The newcomer despite his unsatisfactory first season’s performance still won. The Copa del Rey allowing Ronald Koeman to remain as Barcelona’s manager. As well as Barcelona Lona also has a more successful reinforcement focus. It looks like Barcelona are doing very well.

Barcelona managed to win two of their three La Liga matches. Retained their place in the top table, but after the international break, Barcelona’s performance began to deteriorate. Obviously, with a defeat to Bayern Munich in a state of exhaustion before stumbling to the bottom team of the Spanish La Liga battle for 2 consecutive matches, despite having already won, but Barcelona lost to Benfica in a state of exhaustion and still unable to score a single goal

And with a disappointing performance, news of Ronald Koeman’s sacking began to emerge immediately, but Joan Laporta still believed and gave Ronald Koeman a chance to be the same manager by Joan Laporte. Rita said: “Ronald Koeman will remain in the role of Barcelona manager because he is the best manager at the moment and we have already had discussions. Ronald Koeman still needs some time to prove himself.” ufabet