Solskjaer thinks Ronaldo is right on the sidelines

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Cristiano Ronaldo has been a staple at Manchester United since his £20million move. Appears to have done an excellent job with five goals from Played a total of 7 matches. Including all items, plus the latest match against Villarreal. It was Cristiano Ronaldo who scored the winning goal to help Manchester United to win the game successfully. But the problem Well, Cristiano Ronaldo is already at the end of his football career. So he has to rest on the sidelines.

Cristiano Ronaldo was also not named in the latest match against Everton. Although Manchester United scored first from Anthony Marc Cial. But missed, Andros Townsend scored the equalizer successfully. Although he sent Cristiano Ronaldo into the field. Still unable to help Manchester United to win anyway. Giving the opportunity To be in the area at the top of the table began to flicker immediately. Which Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was criticized enough with a very disappointing performance.

But Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has revealed. Cristiano Ronaldo needs to rest on the sidelines as more important matches are pending. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer providing. He said: “You need to plan for the whole season. All the players have to turn on the pitch so it was the right decision. Anthony Martial managed to score goals and get results. The work is very satisfying.