Nick’s nest pointed out that the ghost had to buy 10 new players and was 6 years behind the swans after losing out of shape

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Manchester United interim manager Ralph Rangnick has suggested the Red Devils may have to buy as many as 10 new players in the next transfer window after being ravaged by Liverpool last night.

 Manchester United interim manager Ralph Rangnick has revealed the club may have to sign up to 10 new players this summer. After being devastated by Liverpool 4-0, the Reds defeated the Red Devils 5-0 at Old Trafford in October. And almost scored the same goal at Anfield last night (Tuesday 19 April 2022), where United’s goal difference puts them in sixth place in the Premier League table.

           Rangnick described United’s seemingly submissive play: “It’s embarrassing, it’s disappointing. Perhaps even humiliating” , and stressed that Liverpool were more than six years above them in terms of the team’s development process. This is the same as when Jürgen Klopp was appointed in October 2015, with Rangnick compared to the UFABET team. Liverpool and Formula One and highlighted that the top of the league is six years ahead of Manchester United

           “We have to criticize ourselves. Because the way we played in the first 45 minutes there wasn’t exactly what we wanted to see and what we wanted to play,” said Rangnick. can’t play So we decided to use five backs.” “I decided immediately after the Norwich game. which if we speak truthfully They had five or six big goalscoring chances and had it not been for David [De Gea] in charge we would have easily conceded three or four goals against Norwich at home. Decided to choose another centre-back.”

           “I don’t think the first half has anything to do with our system. It’s about how we play the game. And the way we conceded the first goal certainly wasn’t part of our game planning to let them switch cadences from defensive to attacking like a goal did. our confidence again The first half wasn’t good enough. We switched from backfive to backfour again. (At halftime) The first 25 minutes of the second half we played better, much better, but in that moment we didn’t score. That might change the game.”

           “The way we conceded the third goal. Of course that was a goal that was in the blacklist of things we shouldn’t have done against Liverpool, a 12-yard pass to Anthony Elanga, who wasn’t the player for that kind of ball. They were waiting for that ball. And then we lost the third goal.” “Jurgen came six years ago and if you compare the teams he has won He came after eight or nine games and finished eighth. This is the situation we are in right now. He averaged 1.6 points that season, but every transfer market after that. They developed the team we have today.”

           “I don’t blame anyone. Not my player or anyone else. But we just have to know what kind of team they have. Look at their bench. Look at the four players who weren’t even in the squad, Roberto Firmino was the only one injured. Oxlade-Chamberlain Not In Team Minamino Not In Team Harvey Elliott Not In Team This shows what kind of quality and team they have built together working with Jürgen and his team over the past six years.” “It’s not just the quality of the players. but also the mental state they have The energy and stamina of the body compared to high speed cars, I would say they have 25 Formula One cars in their team.”

           Having said that a similar six-year plan is unlikely to happen to United given their manager’s short tenure at the latest. Rangnick replied that “Why not? In our city it happened to Pep. (Guardiola) “If you look at the two clubs that are dominating the Premier League. The league is now They really do that. They brought in two managers. And not only did they bring in two managers. They also change the whole thing in terms of playing style, the type of players they want. The type of football we want to play.”

           “The most important thing of all is ‘How do we want to play?’ And under that importance, every transfer market, they will build the teams they have in both clubs. which is not that difficult to analyze The team needs a new build. Not because some players had to go. But there are some who won’t have a contract anymore. Their contract is about to expire. For me it’s clear that there will be 6, 7, 8 or maybe 10 new players coming in.” “And before you sign those players. You have to be aware of how you want to play? What kind of football does the new manager want to play? Then proceed with the initiated approach. and bring in all the players that fit the desired format.”