Grading Manchester United’s players, losing to Chelsea 4-3 in the Premier League game. Last night – Player Ratings

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Grading Manchester United’s players, losing to Chelsea 4-3 in the Premier League game. Last night – Player Ratings

Eric Ten Hag’s team unfortunately missed out on three points after being hit by two goals in injury time.

Grading Manchester United's players, losing to Chelsea 4-3 in the Premier League game. Last night - Player Ratings

Manchester United player ratings  (4-1-4-1)

Andre Onana – 6/10

Two goals were broken into the net by his opponent in the first 20 minutes, but the team’s goal was 2-2. They had to praise him for releasing the ball quickly which gave his team an advantage. In this game, he made a total of 6 saves.

Diogo Dalot – 4/10

During the first 20 minutes, Cole Palmer, ‘The Bear’ of Chelsea, was not around much, but made amends by turning in a beautiful cross for Bruno to head in a 2-2 draw

in second half stoppage time. He made a mistake and committed a foul on Noni Madueke, causing the team to lose a penalty.

Raphael Varane – 5/10

Blocked a shot, made an interception, and made a tackle once each. But came across an illness again. This allowed him to play only half the time.

Harry Maguire – 6/10

The first 20 minutes were one step slower than the Chelsea players. But he made several tackles.

The second half started excitingly. Plus, he almost gave the team a 3-2 lead and also blocked Palmer’s shot on a quick counterattack.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka – 6/10

Returned to the right-back position. In the beginning, Mudrik’s speed was difficult, but after the team equalized, He got into it more.

Casemiro – 6/10

Help block shots and clear the ball He can release the ball quickly and accurately.

Cobby Mainu – 6/10

Push up high to participate in the team’s offensive game, with Casemiro standing low to clean up.

Late in the game he blocked Carney Chukwuemeka’s shot in the penalty area.

Antoni – 7.5/10

Even though he lost to Mark Gugureya causing the team to lose a penalty. But he was able to make amends.

He helped the team to get the second goal by cutting inside and sending a long pass to Carnacho on the left in the first half. Continued with a goal to overtake the lead 3-2 by bouncing the tip to Carnacho to head in to score.

Bruno Fernandes – 7/10

A header tied the score 2-2 for the team, but it was a game in which he was quite battered. Especially in the first half when the Chelsea midfielder came across the ball quickly and hard.

Alejandro Carnacio – 8/10

Early in the game there is not much certainty. But it sparked hope for the team to go 1-2 from Moises Caicedo’s lucky break and header to give the team a 3-2 lead.

Unfortunately, it was not a winning goal.

Rasmus Hoylund – 5/10

Act as a ball stopper for your teammates. But there was no chance to shuffle and try to score a goal.

Backup used

Jonny Evans (replacing Varane 46) – 7/10

Again, always standing in the right place at the right time. He blocked Enzo Fernandez’s shot in front of the box in a crucial moment. and came to block Caicedo’s long-range shot.

However, he played for only 20 minutes before being substituted. The reason is that there is an injury problem.

Marcus Rashford (in place of Hoylund 66) – 4/10

Played the role of striker in place of Hoylund, but did not make much of a positive impact.

Willy Kambwala (replaces Evans, 66) – 5/10

Clearing the ball twice, he didn’t panic. and play with confidence

Scott McTominay (replaces Casemiro 75) – 4/10

Unfortunately for Chelsea’s winning goal, the ball ricocheted and was redirected into him.

Mason Mount (replacing Carnacio 86) – no points

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