Grading Chelsea ‘s players in the Premier League game, home game, defeating Manchester United, losing 4-3 at the end of the game: Player Ratings

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  • Chelsea narrowly beat Manchester United 4-3 last night.
  • The Blue Lions took a 2-0 lead from the first half.
  • Manchester United were overtaken by two goals in injury time.
Grading Chelsea's players in the Premier League game, home game, defeating Manchester United, losing 4-3 at the end of the game: Player Ratings

Chelsea player ratings

Jorje Petrovic – 5
For the first two goals conceded it was difficult to help much because they were quite close. But for the third goal, the referee made the mistake of coming out to cut the ball but was one beat later than Carnacho until he was hit.

Bernoit Badilcil – 4
still has clear marking problems. Especially the second goal that allowed Bruno to tear away and head in the clear. There was also an easy moment of losing the ball as well.

Axel Disasi – 5
missed the chance to head a close shot over the crossbar. Today’s defense still had some missed moments but in the end they were still able to make amends.

Malo Gusto – 6
The right side of the defense is trying to add to the game but today it seems like they lost the ball quite easily. There were times when the position was out of place until the area behind the house was often wide open.

Mark Cucurella – 6
It was a tough job dealing with Anthony’s speed, but overall today he helped the team many times both offensively and defensively. Fill in the bottom and call a penalty for the team as well.

Moise Caicedo – 4
still doesn’t perform worthy of controlling a midfield game where today there were only mistakes. Especially when the ball was lost in the area causing the team to lose a goal and after that it was clear that they had completely lost their confidence.

Enzo Fernandez – 6
missed a golden opportunity from the moment he pressed hard to make a save from Onana, and today his midfield play was lacking, but he still had assists from Pass to Gallaher, shoot in.

Cole Palmer – 9,
carrying the main points as usual today, completing a hat-trick, two of which were penalty shoot-outs. As for the third goal, there was a little bit of luck because it ricocheted off McTominay for the winning goal.

Corner Gallagher – 7
opened the header beautifully with a shot that gave the ufabet team an early lead. Which is admirable in terms of diligence in chasing the ball in the midfield. But in the second half, his role with the team decreased and there were frequent easy moments of losing the ball.

Mikaylo Mudric – 6
His speed can cause some problems for Manchester United’s defence, but he’s only really quick because his handling of the ball, passing or final decision-making is lacking. I’m here.

Nicholas Jackson – 5
roles and quite a few games Keep the ball in the front zone But still can’t do much in any way.


Raheem Sterling – 5
Had some opportunities to play with the ball in the final area. But still can’t do anything Bad decisions and missed opportunities

Carney Chukwuemeka – 6
tried to connect the game from outside the box. But still can’t do much.

Alfie Gilchrist – 6,
coming on to play on the right side of defense. Had a chance to score a header towards the end but missed the target.

Trevoh Chalobah – N/A

Noni Madueke – 7
is another game where he changed his appearance by using his speed to call a penalty for the team in injury time.