5 things that mothers after giving birth should do for quick health recovery

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For mothers who have just welcomed a new member or are mothers who have just given birth. Here are 5 things to avoid shortly after giving birth and during recovery. that new mothers should follow For the mother’s health to return to strength quickly as follows โปรโมชั่น ufabet

5 things that mothers after giving birth should do for quick health recovery

1. Always breastfeed yourself.
Breastfeeding yourself not only keeps your baby healthy and reduces the incidence of various diseases, but also helps you lose weight faster and stimulates your body to produce hormones. balanced Reduce the occurrence of postpartum depression and help the body return to normal quickly.

2. Do not rush to do strenuous exercise.
After giving birth, you shouldn’t be in a hurry to do strenuous exercise! Even heavy lifting is also forbidden. Because after giving birth, the uterus will remain in an incomplete state. Therefore should wait about 6 weeks at a minimum. therefore able to exercise and lift heavy objects normally But during this time, mothers may choose to exercise lightly, such as walking, carrying the baby out for a walk near the house. or the lightest exercise To help reduce pain and make the body recover faster.

3. Do not rush to have sex,
one of the things that not only mothers should know. But the father himself should have to follow strictly as well, which is not to rush to have sex too soon. because after childbirth The uterus will remain intact and not ready for use. The key is the surgical wound. Whether it’s spontaneous delivery or caesarean section, both are considered dangerous because the incision has a tendency to rupture easily. Therefore, it should be about 2 months as a minimum. This will put both the incision and the uterus in a safe place first. So I can have sex normally.

4. Stop stressing.
Although the life of a mother after childbirth is difficult to avoid stress. But what you should do is to stop all the stress that comes from external situations such as consuming heartbreaking news, following social media or negative comments. So stop doing anything that will bring you bad news or make you feel worse. and come back to live happily with the baby as much as possible to reduce postpartum depression

5. have abnormal symptoms See a doctor immediately
If any abnormal symptoms occur both physically and mentally It should not be overlooked and left unattended. But should hurry to see a doctor immediately in order to receive timely treatment

For mothers who are about to give birth or have already given birth You should avoid these and take good care of yourself and your baby. Don’t neglect until your health is damaged. So that you can be happy with your child until the age of 1 year, ready to make your child grow up to be the happiest child both physically and mentally.